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The blacks had their honky-tonks, the whites had their beer joints, and for everyone in town the nightlife was as segregated as ever. === Anyway, the protagonist is a forty-year-old corporate lawyer, male, whose mother is stricken with the disease, and he’s forced to put her in a nursing home where she steadily worsens and is soon out of it. The family is torn and goes through the right-to-die debate and all that.” === “And what’s the purpose of Daxapene?” “It extends life, keeps the heart beating.” “Then why isn’t it a miracle drug? I’d like to invest.” “It has a rather limited market. It’s not clear if scientists and researchers understand how it works, but it stimulates the medulla, that section of the brain that controls the heart muscle. And it works only in patients who are basically, as they say, brain dead.”