Inside Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy
Apr 22, 2021darladoodles rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Why did Andy Ngo write this book? Here is an explanation in his own words from the Afterward: "Antifa, its far-left allies, and useful idiots have convinced the public that patriotism is synonymous with racism and fascism. I reject that and call for all decent people to do the same. As much as this book is about antifa, it's also a letter of gratitude to the nation that welcomed my parents, penniless refugees from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, to become equal citizens." As Ngo points out in his book, Antifa and its allies (BLM, complicit media outlets) are giving new definitions to words like violence, racism, fascism, tolerance, reactionary, patriotism, and more. . . It should not incite violence to carry an American flag or sing or national anthem. Yet, those very things have become objects of hatred in the world of the far left. The name antifa itself defies logic. We have never had a prominent fascist party in our country. Yet, they would have us believe that to disagree with their tactics makes one fascist. The truth is that were we to follow them down the path to their vision of Utopia, do you know where we would be? Living in a modern version of East Germany. Read this book if you want to know how organized these groups have become and what their end game is.