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Jan 02 2021
"An eye-opener: I thought people retiring to life in their RV's were doing it because they wanted to, not because they had to. But many people, having lost their life savings and their homes due to economic fluctuations are doing just that. And,..." Permalink
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"Visiting any Chinatown it would be hard not to notice the elderly Chinese women's bright outfits especially the hats! The women share their wisdom as well as fashion tips. Some of the photos and stories included in this book are from Vancouver'..." Permalink
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Aug 19 2020
"This book is a must-read! It takes us through the history of public sector contributions to the development of Canada and describes how public ownership is now being denigrated and institutions in the public domain are being sold off to private i..." Permalink
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Feb 04 2020

The young Karl Marx

DVD - 2018
"An entertaining film about the friendship of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the early days of analyzing the Capitalist system and envisioning an alternative that would be free of exploitation. The film attempts to humanize Marx and Engels, who ..." Permalink
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Little Women

DVD - 2020
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