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RescueDog rated a title Jan 22 2021
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"A taut, psychologically suspenseful military thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nelson DeMille--writing with his son, screenwriter Alex DeMille--about two army investigators on the hunt in Venezuela for an army deserter who might...
RescueDog rated a title Jan 18 2021
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Rise of the Clans

DVD - 2019
"Very interesting. Narrator is great, but there's too much of him. It kept zooming in on his eye with a reflection of whatever he was looking at. I thought it was great the first couple of times, but it became annoying fairly quickly. Narrator has..." Permalink
RescueDog made a comment Jan 15 2021

Robert the Bruce

DVD - 2020
"It’s a beautiful movie. It’s more of a character sketch than an action thriller. I watched it a second time with the commentary turned on, and liked it a lot better the second time. Like everybody else, subtitles would have been helpful. The clo..." Permalink
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