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"By official count, more than one out of every six American children live beneath the poverty line. But statistics alone tell little of the story. In Invisible Americans, Jeff Madrick brings to light the often invisible reality and...
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"This book details how two young people (Adam and Zayneb) from half away around the world find each other. Not only is it a love story, but it also features underlying themes of family, education, free speech, death, illness, hatred, and culture. Y..." Permalink
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Jan 13 2020
"This book touches on a number of subjects, such as racism, cultural appropriation, chronic illness, death of a loved one, and the meaning of home. Adam and Zayneb are well written characters and the romance between them is heartfelt." Permalink
AmberBS made a comment Jan 06 2020
"This book is written like a daily affirmations with Hoda Kotb's favorite quotes. You really get insight into who Hoda really is as she shares life stories related to each quote. You learn about her work, friends, and greatest loves. It's a great b..." Permalink
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