The Room Where It Happened
The Room Where It Happened A White House Memoir By Bolton, John R. Book - 2020 | First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition

I'm not a right wing Republican but I enjoyed John Bolton's book. It is tedious and boring because it's a behind the scenes peak at the inner workings of the Trump Adminsitration. Bolton is a Washington insider with lots of experience. I thought his book well written and a wonderful resource for history students or political science majors. He interacted with Trump daily from April 2018 - Sept. 2019.

Bolton's writing style is clear and easy to read but includes a lot of political details the average person like myself is not familiar with. He also goes into detailed complexities that exist in international dealings. It is interesting but a bit like reading a "how to" manual on tonsillectomies. Yes it can be done but why?

Bolton served in the U.S. Army as a young man i.e. Fort Polk La. This makes him more relatable. At Yale Law he was two years behind Bill and Hilary Clinton. Bolton has a sense of humor but you have to be alert to it. His humor breaks up the tedium of the subject at large. I'm glad I read his book and recommend it to others. If nothing else it will give insight into the difficult dealings the government must contend with.

To deal constructively with the books' volume of pages (500) read a little bit daily. Or single out specific issues you may be interested in. Ukraine, Venezuela, Russia, It's all in the book.

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