Fleabag Season 1 DVD - 2020

I don't like to see miserable people hanging around miserable people and not answer a single question asked of them truthfully. I don't like to see lonely people who will sleep with anyone and manipulate their relationship with those lovers to make themselves less lonely. I don't like to see friends betray each other. I don't believe the world has that many people who hunger for a connection so badly that they humiliate themselves and hurt everyone who actually cares for them. And I could not stop watching fleabag and it is all about those things I don't like to see. This show is about a woman who is miserable. She is getting to a place where she is understanding her role in the hurt she causes others and feeling her way enough to know she doesn't deserve all the disrespect coming at her from all sides. And it is funny and brilliant and awkward and moving. Some of the smallest bits are incredible, like when she and her Father both wipe their noses the same way at the same time after a conversation where they claim how different they are. It made me uncomfortable to watch at times but I think the point is to show how painful and painfully absurd life can be. I cried at the final episode, it was so touching at the end. I will definitely be watching out for season two.

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