28 Summers
28 Summers A Novel By Hilderbrand, Elin Book - 2020 | First edition

Do you like Chick Lit? You will like this book. Do you like good books you will love "28 Summers." The book set on Nantucket Island begins in 1993 when Mallory's Aunt Greta leaves her a cottage in her will. Mallory moves to the island she loves. The fun starts when she agrees to host her brother Cooper's friends and him to celebrate his upcoming marriage. She ends up spending the weekend alone with Cooper's friend Jake McCloud and thus begins a decade long friendship ( I hate to use the word affair) which is only ignited once a year. Based on the classic film "Same time next year," their love story continues from Labor Day to Labor day surviving marriage to someone else, pregnancies, and Jake's wife Ursula's political career. Jake and Mallory are essentially good people who have been kept apart by circumstances and one can't help rooting for them. The ending is a tearjerker but the book is a must read.

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