Crooked River by Douglas Preston and Lee Child
The latest in the FBI Agent Pendergast series this book delivers an adventure right off the start. When over a 100 dismembered feet drift onto a Florida beach, the FBI call in eccentric but effective Agent Pendergast and his junior partner Agent Coldmoon to investigate. Pendergast’s ward Constance Green comes along and finds a mystery of her own to solve in the Victorian mansion where they are staying during the case. She undertakes to solve the mystery of the mansions ghost, and solve what happened to the previous murdered owner whose body was never found. Both mysteries lead to unexpected results and this book is an exciting read.
But reader beware - there are some gruesome parts more appropriate to a horror story. Preston and Childs cross the line between adventure and horror with a touch of unrequited love and a few characters that could really benefit from sitting down with a good therapist.
In short, these characters are seriously messed up, and this includes the heroes and the villains. With a surprise ending and lots of twists and plot turns this book will keep the reader riveted. Readers who enjoy a good mystery or adventure will like this book. It’s not their best in the series, but it is still a good read. If you want to know more about the Pendergast series start with “The Relic” which contains no less than an extinct ecosystem, a museum monster, and some dodgy evil science.

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