Dog Man
Dog Man Brawl of the Wild By Pilkey, Dav, 1966- Graphic Novel - 2019 | First edition

In Dog Man book 6, Yolay Caprese and the others at Gassy Behemoth Studios find a way to play out the almost abandoned Dog Man movie: with claymation! However, when the police station recieves the tickets, things start to go wrong.
- The FLEAS shrink Petey's giant robot and use it to masquerade Dog Man.
-The judges decide to send Dog Man to Dog Jail.
-"A buncha folks" decide to be mean to Dog Man, calling him a misfit and forcing him to find a place between humankind and dogkind.
-When they bust Dog Man and all of the inmates of Dog Jail out and go see the movie, the FLEAS strike again, setting the theatre on fire and bringing Claymation Philly to LIFE!
It's all a bit complicated, but there's a happy ending and a "Sarah Hatoff News Blog" afterword to the story that is actually pretty funny. Also, book 7 will be called For Whom The Ball Rolls.

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