The Stranger Beside Me
The Stranger Beside Me By Rule, Ann Book - 2009 | Updated, First Pocket books paperback edition

This book earns all of the kudos but I greatly discount the rating because of Ann Rule's refusal to print the Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth as she - as much as TV or any other writer - helped create the Myth Of Handsome, Genius, Urbane Ted Bundy.

And THEN she whines about groupies at his trials! HUH?!! Why, Ann? YOU helped them believe how special he was! Why didn't you write about the beheadings, the sex acts with corpses and body parts, the body part collection, etc. You knew about them. Why didn't you include THOSE?

And since you didn't, Ann, why complain about people who take YOUR version of The Truth and become Ted's groupies?

I give Ann very low marks for refusing to write the Whole Truth as she learned it. Yes, it is amazingly gruesome, shockingly awful - but Ann had access to those police reports and the findings. She chose to exclude those and help the Bundy Myth so folks wouldn't think SHE was the weirdo for not discovering a co-worker's prediliction.

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