Review of 'Last and First Men' only from the 2007 Benediction Classics Edition.
First off I found the narrative story form very lacking and not at all engaging. I much prefer characters and dialog in my scifi stories. Second the ‘science’ in the story is so trite and dated that I don’t think the book ‘travels’ well through the age. Finally it seems to be a very pessimistic view of mankind – always reverting to man’s worse nature.
That said I do think Olaf is very imaginative and I can see how the book may have been an influence on some scifi writers that followed.
Also note that this version has a large number of typos. Some examples:
p.145 'fanaticafly' should be 'fanatically'
p.147 'roost' should be 'most'
p.157 'flature' should be 'nature'
p.202 'beers' should be 'been'
p.215 'i-noon' should be 'moon'
p.225/268 ‘effiorescence’ should be ‘efflorescence’
p.229 ‘efflorescenee’ should be ‘efflorescence’
p.232 ‘cirelings’ should be ‘circlings’
p.236 ‘iaw’ should be ‘law’
p.242 ‘haltway’ should be ‘half-way’ [note; the hyphen should be used to match the formatting used 6 lines further and on the previous page]
p.243 ‘hare essentials’ should be ‘bare essentials’
p.270 ‘hut’ should be ‘but’
p.270 “then’s” should be ‘them’
p.287 “then’s svith” should be ‘them with’

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