Jurassic Park III
Jurassic Park III DVD - 2001 | Collector's edition, Widescreen edition

After reading terrible reviews about this movie and hearing about it from a friend, i decided not to see it. However, a few years later my curiosity got the best of me when i saw it for $4.99 at a store while standing on line. Perhaps no other beast besides Godzilla and Cloverfield had my two subwoofers and my HOMETHEATER producing serious bass more than the (spinasaurus egypticus, i think that's how you spell it) very large dinosaur with the sail on it's back in this movie. One of my favorite scenes is when the small plane crashes in the jungle and the large beast begans walking towards the plane. This was a great introduction of what was to come. Another great scene for sound was the battle between the T.Rex and the large dinosaur. That scene was "Sound Freak" approved. I especially liked the sound of bones snapping when it grabbed the T. Rex by the throat. It's mouth was huge!! Also, the sounds of the Raptors was very good when they were chasing the passengers in the abandoned lab. I was kind of hoping for more sound effects from the flying dinosaur, but the large beast was definately the star. After a while, i sort of over looked the story and became interested in the sound only. And it delivered well. This will stay in my collection along with the first two Jarassic Park movies. I'm giving this movie 3 and half stars. For great sound effects, very good visual effects, an ok story, and hoping that they do well with Jarassic Park 4. Large ribs soaked in barbeque sauce, crinkle cut fries, Arizona Kiwi/Strawberry, and plenty of napkins.

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